Intelerad Introduces Multi-Method Reporting

IntelePACS and InteleOne to provide report templates with choice of digital dictation or voice recognition for every case

The Right Tool for Every Case

Read Your Way.

  • Use the best reporting method for each and every case
  • Read and report all studies from a single user interface
  • Provide consistent, template-driven reports to referring physicians

Designed to accommodate the way radiologists naturally read and report studies, Intelerad’s Multi-Method Reporting™ blends dictation, voice recognition and structured reporting together into a single, streamlined interface and workflow.

Learn more about Intelerad’s Multi-Method Reporting or come to see us for a live demo at RSNA 2010 (Booth #4849, Hall A)!

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IntelePACS and InteleOne to embed Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering

IntelePACS 3D will be showcased at RSNA2010

With the increasing amount of data acquired by modern modalities and the growth of teleradiology, embedded high performance volumetric rendering is a must have for all radiologists reading cross-sectional data – whether from local or remote workstations. Intelerad uses the latest technology to boost 3D performance and speed for its distributed radiology solutions.

Intelerad’s IntelePACS 3D will add power to Intelerad’s InteleViewer reading software by employing intelligent, hybrid client and server rendering technology. It will also optimize speed through its multi-mode image streaming design, while taking full advantage of 64-bit and multicore CPU resources for top performance.

Intelerad is taking advanced visualization to the next level with their focus on accelerating the radiologist’s reading workflow,” says Ken Fineman, Chief Executive Officer of Fovia. “They are pioneering the next generation of personalized presentation display, while pushing system performance for advanced 3D processing.”

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RIC Expands Reach of Around-the-Clock Services

Dr. Abraham Bronner, RIC
Dr. Abraham Jay Bronner, RIC

For Radiology Imaging Consultants (RIC), a large radiology practice in the Chicago area, providing around-the-clock final interpretations by on-site board-certified radiologists had vaulted it to a leadership position. Then growth became more difficult – with staff at maximum capacity and too many systems to manage – it was no longer feasible to provide 24/7 on-site staffing for all its customer hospitals.

Enter Intelerad’s Inteleone, a solution which enables radiology groups and hospitals to streamline their medical imaging workflows when reading for multiple facilities with different HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR. It provides a personalized, universal worklist and easy access to all studies, priors and reports from a single integrated viewer that can be accessed from any computer. In short, with InteleOne, location is irrelevant – exactly what Radiology Imaging Consultants needed.

“Until InteleOne, there was nothing that convincingly integrated multiple facilities seamlessly,” said Dr. Abraham Jay Bronner, RIC’s CEO and practicing radiologist. “No one else was able to do it.”

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IntelePACS and InteleOne achieve VMware Ready Status

Radiology groups looking for an enterprise-wide radiology reading solution will get the most out of their hardware infrastructure while optimizing maintenance costs

VMware Ready logo

Passing the extensive VMware-specified testing helps ensure that IntelePACS® and InteleOne™ make best use of VMware technology and are ready for deployment in customer environments.

“We are pleased that IntelePACS and InteleOne qualify for the VMware Ready™ logo, signifying to customers that they have passed specific VMware testing and interoperability criteria and are ready to run their mission-critical business applications and operations,” said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliance programs, VMware.

“The ability for Intelerad customers to implement IntelePACS and InteleOne in virtualized environments gives them even greater flexibility to manage their infrastructure while benefitting from the ability to unify workflows across disparate PACS and RIS systems,” says Chris Henri, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Intelerad.

Intelerad’s IntelePACS and InteleOne can be found within the online VMware Partner Product Catalog at

Central Louisiana Imaging Thrives with InteleOne

Dr. Stephen Rice, Radiologist

Central Louisiana Imaging (CLI) knew that expansion was the key to survival in today’s difficult economic climate. Like many radiology practices, the 13-member group has been plagued by decreasing reimbursement rates and winnowing margins. Confronted with this reality, CLI knew that in order to survive beyond the next few years, they needed to strengthen the ties with their existing customers and expand their business to serve more organizations.

But the first new expansion contract CLI signed led to the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back. The challenge of managing a complex workflow across multiple disparate technology systems – including radiology information systems (RIS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), electronic medical records (EMRs), and other hospital information systems (HIS) – threatened to drag this group practice into a downward spiral of productivity.

Central Louisiana Imaging Center

To bring them back on course, CLI chose Intelerad’s InteleOne distributed radiology solution to streamline their workflow across the multiple systems using a single, integrated viewer and universal worklist. Since adopting InteleOne, CLI has successfully expanded its overall business by 40 percent without increasing staff. Revenue numbers and productivity levels have spiked.

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