How to revitalize your PACS and increase collaboration

By Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

As I mentioned on this blog a couple of weeks ago, radiologists’ workloads are getting heavier with each passing year. On top of the need for them to conduct more readings, there is also increased pressure to raise the bar in terms of the quality of care they deliver. So basically the demand is for radiologists to not only do more work, but ensure it’s of a higher caliber as well. It’s a tall order; however it’s an objective that is definitely achievable. Intelerad PACS Revitalize
We’re all aware of how radiology solutions can drive efficiency, but what about enhancing the quality of work? Under the ‘patient first’ theme at RSNA, it was widely discussed that collaboration plays a significant role in the delivery of superior care. As solutions continue to evolve, additional features and functionality to facilitate collaboration are becoming more readily available.

But what if you’re is not considering a PACS upgrade in the near future? Right now, hospital budgets are tight and if you’re only halfway through a five- or six-year contract, odds are you’ll have to live with your systems’ limitations instead of replacing your entire PACS infrastructure. However, doing so means operating at a competitive disadvantage, which could be quite detrimental to your organization.

What exactly are the limitations of using older PACS? For individual radiologists, it limits the way they can share images and reports; obtain a second opinion and interact with referring physicians. For an entire department, balancing workloads amongst staff becomes more difficult – in other words, limiting the collaborative capabilities of the department as a whole, which limits overall productivity.

Thankfully, there’s a way to leverage the collaborative features and benefits of the most up-to-date radiology solutions without having to replace your entire PACS.

For some time now, we’ve been working on ways to integrate new solutions into existing PACS as a way to revitalize older systems that aren’t set for replacement. In essence, this is achieved by layering new technologies on top of existing architecture to provide you with the most up-to-date features and functionality that you require to succeed.

For a hospital looking to facilitate their radiologists’ collaborative capabilities , our add-on solutions provide universal worklists, remote reading capabilities, a universal viewer and a referring physician portal. On top of that, our solutions are renowned for their performance in distributed environments, which is ideal when seeking a second opinion from a radiologist who is located in a different city or state.

For an organization, being able to add the features and functionality of a modernized PACS allows for the life of your existing systems to be extended. So not only means that you can delay the purchase of a new PACS until you’re ready, but in doing so, you also maximize the investment made in your original infrastructure.

If you have any questions about how we can help you create a collaborative environment without replacing your existing systems, feel free to use the comment box below. If you’re looking for in-depth information, contact us here.

– Helene Gey

A thank you to our customers

By Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

As we wrap up RSNA today, I just want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to have a look at the solutions we’ve been developing and to discuss matters related to the industry. Amongst those who passed by were customers who we greatly appreciate and value. It’s always a pleasure to sit down to discuss how they’re using our solutions and provide us with feedback.

In the past year, our list of customers has continued to grow. Part of the reason for this is the strong references we receive from existing customers when asked if they should deploy our solutions. We are also thankful to our customers for the survey responses that they provided to KLAS, which saw us named as the #1 ranked ambulatory PACS provider for the sixth straight year. In their press release on Sunday, KLAS described us as an innovator example that is strongly endorsed by their customers.

It’s always a proud moment, not only to win awards like this, but to hear such positive feedback being provided by customers to third parties. It’s reassuring to know that our customers are happy, and helps drive us to continue developing advanced solutions and providing the industry’s best support. The confidence it provides us also makes us want to expand our customer base and put our solutions in the hands of more radiology groups. Thankfully, we’ve been able to accomplish year after year.

This week, while attending RSNA, we were happy to have announced new customers. The first is TRA Medical Imaging, who are based in Washington State. One of the region’s largest radiology groups, TRA selected InteleRIS as it radiology information system. Given the group’s goal to be the premier radiology group in the Pacific Northwest, it is satisfying to have them put their faith in our solution. In return, we place to provide a RIS with the functionality, versatility and support to help them accomplish what they’ve set their sights on.

We also announced a deal with Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Radiology Associates, a hospital-based radiology group that services a number of health centers in the region, reading 250,000 studies per year. As a group looking to increase efficiency and grow their business, they chose to deploy IntelePACS and InteleOne. Given our expertise in complex, distributed environments, I am confident that our solutions will help drive their success in the coming years.

As I sign off, I would like to welcome our new clients and say thank you to our existing customers for continuing to trust us as your solution provider.

– Helene

Rocky Mountain Radiology Finds Collaboration Framework in IntelePACS

Dr. Jeffry P. Weingardt

“Big Four” Essential Features Deliver a Compelling Solution

Dr. Weingardt points to what he calls “the big four” critical features that clinched the original RMR purchase decision and continue to make IntelePACS a compelling solution for the practice.

  1. A universal worklist facilitates integrated workflow
  2. An intuitive, multi-modality viewer suits radiologists with a range of working styles
  3. An embedded dictation module streamlines processes
  4. An online report signing capability completes the reading workflow

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Intelerad Makes the 2011 Branham 300 Listing of the Top 5 Pure-Play Canadian Helathcare ICT Companies

The news just went out and we are very proud at Intelerad to be recognized as a key leader in our native market!


Dr. Rice from CLI shares some of his success recipes with Intelerad

The InteleOne solution has been in operation at Central Louisiana Imaging for over a year and half now. Dr Stephen Rice analyzes the results and key success factors with us.

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Intelerad Embeds M*Modal Speech Understanding Technology to Accelerate Reporting Tempo

IntelePACS and InteleOne solutions will include voice recognition as part of Intelerad’s new Multi-Method Reporting

Intelerad® Medical Systems and M*Modal today announced a partnership under which M*Modal’s Speech UnderstandingTM technology is integrated with Intelerad’s Multi-Method Reporting™, to give radiologists seamless access to voice recognition in their reporting workflow. Designed to accommodate the way radiologists naturally read and report studies, Intelerad’s Multi-Method Reporting blends dictation, voice recognition and structured reporting templates together in a single, streamlined interface and workflow.

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