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An interoperability solution for medical imaging, InteleOne® XE  links clinicians to patient images and reports stored across disparate HIS, EMR, PACS and VNA systems. By enabling radiologists to read from a across multiple PACS, with seamless access to patient priors, our clients are able to achieve massive productivity gains.

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The Benefits of Unifying Disparate PACS

By Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager

Over the past few months, I’ve had the benefit of sitting down with customers to learn more about how they’re leveraging Intelerad solutions. Each conversation is fascinating in its own way, as radiologists work in unique environments and use certain features and/or functionality in different ways to improve the way they operate.


One of the radiologists who I have been fortunate enough to meet recently was Dr. Stephen Poole, who works for Jefferson Radiology and is the head of pediatric imaging at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC). Serving patients across Connecticut and Massachussetts, CCMC use InteleOne® as a unified diagnostic platform that provides instant sub-specialty consultation, seamless access to priors and improves collaboration.

One of the reasons CCMC deployed InteleOne was similar to what other customers have told me in the past – they needed a solution that would bring all of the information stored in multiple PACS into a single interface. This avoids radiologists having to open and close the various PACS that a hospital or enterprise might have in play which provides a smoother workflow so an individual can accomplish more in a day.

Having this unified access also enables the radiologists at CCMC to provide better patient care. The hospital also has a number of patients that are transferred from outside hospitals and may have prior relevant studies that the referring clinician may not know about. In the past, the medical imaging department had a process in place where they’d have to conduct searches to gather relevant studies. Today, InteleOne provides them rapid access to relevant prior information so they can give a better interpretation.

On top of that, InteleOne allows the radiology team at CCMC enables them to read pediatric studies that are done at community hospitals and allows them easily transfer studies when further sub-specialty interpretation is required.

If you would like to learn more about how CCMC is using InteleOne, I encourage you to review this case study, which includes a video interview with Dr. Poole. If you have any questions about InteleOne, feel free to leave them below.


A look back on the 2013 InteleOne Visionary Forum

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

Given the unique features and functionality of InteleOne®, we’ve always taken a keen interest in  the different ways the solution is being used by our customers. Recognizing that the information that customers have relayed to us could be beneficial to other customers, we introduced the InteleOne Visionary Forum, which brings users together to exchange knowledge and information about the solution, to help everyone get the most from their deployment.

Having held our first Forum last October, we decided to hold our second event last month, with customers from across the U.S. and Australia travelling to Montreal to take part in a range of meetings and discussions regarding InteleOne, features and solutions that we’re currently developing, and the radiology industry in general.

With participants’ job titles ranging from PACS administrator to COO to Diagnostic Radiologist, the Forum brought together a range of interesting perspectives on issues arising in the field. It also served as a platform to discuss common experiences in regards to InteleOne, including how the solution can be used to resolve some of the issues they were facing within their work environment.

Participants were also given the opportunity to provide input into the development of Intelerad solutions, as they took in presentations from key individuals. This included:

  • A presentation on InteleOne’s product roadmap delivered by our Chief Engineer Rick Rubin

  • An overview of some of the product features that our Clinical Decision Support group is currently working on, presented by Frederic Lachmann, who is the head of the team.

  • A detailed look at Nuage, our cloud-based solution suite that incl  udes a hosted version of our award-winning IntelePACS solution, presented by Joel Adams, Intelerad’s Hosted Solutions Manager.

Overall, the event was a great success, with interesting conversations taking place from start to finish each day. A lot of this is due to the participants themselves, who openly shared their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the InteleOne community. From the feedback we received, everyone seemed to greatly enjoy the event. We’re looking forward to holding our third Forum at some point in 2014 so we can continue the exchange of information within the InteleOne community.

-Paul Atkinson

InteleOne Intelerad Forum RadiologyInteleOne Intelerad Forum Radiology

Rural Community Hospital Delivers Big-City Standard of Care

The InteleOne Ripple Effect: Kentucky’s Monroe County Medical Center

Patients of a small, 49-bed acute-care hospital in rural South Central Kentucky receive the same high-priority attention and have access to the same medical specialists as their counterparts in large population centers. This is made possible by Intelerad’s InteleOne®distributed radiology solution, which has brought about dramatic changes. “Everything has improved,” said the hospital’s Director of Radiology Services, including turnaround times, quality of care, and referral volume.

To read the full story and view a video interview with Ronnie Davis, Director of Radiology Services, Monroe County Medical Center click here

Regional Hospital Meets Challenge of Seasonal Surge While Improving Patient Care


Trigg County Hospital is a critical access facility serving Western Kentucky’s Trigg County, home to a large recreational area surrounding the region’s popular Lake Barkley. Most of the year, the population of this hospital’s service area is a modest 20,000, but that number can triple in the summer months. This creates unique operational challenges for the hospital. This extraordinary increase in service level is possible due to RIC’s use of InteleOne, a distributed radiology solution from Intelerad that provides seamless access to studies, priors and reports, regardless of where the radiologists – or patients – are located. InteleOne provides a single, highly productive environment in which RIC radiologists efficiently and collaboratively perform real-time professional readings.

To read the full story and view a video interview with Alisa Coleman, CEO of Trigg County Hospital, click here

Diversified Radiology of Colorado Leverages InteleOne to Enhance Service Offering

Sub-Specialty Focus Sets Practice Apart, Brings Unique Challenges

DRC emphasizes specialty care. Members of the practice focus exclusively on their individual radiology specialties, including neuro, cardiac, pediatric, nuclear/PET and musculoskeletal imaging. This enables them to deliver the most qualified and informed interpretations. While central to the DRC business model, and to the premier patient care for which DRC is known, this approach creates unique business challenges.

In this interview, Chris Kip McMillan, DRC’s Chief Executive Officer, talks about how his practice is increasing its competitive edge and enhancing patient care with InteleOne®.

Click here to watch the video or read the entire story.

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