#FindYourFlow: Leveraging Interoperability, Collaborative Care and Business Optimization Tools

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

While staying competitive in healthcare can be a challenge, it also brings out the best in forward-thinking providers who are willing to adopt innovative technologies to bring their service offerings to the next level.

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The Value and Benefits of an Integrated Tomosynthesis Module

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

In addition to its ease of use and feature set, an item that is frequently celebrated by IntelePACS® customers is the solution’s modular build, which allows enterprises to add key functionality to their radiologists’ primary viewers.  

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How to Eliminate Redundant Steps from the Technologist Workflow

Over the past five years, Kailo Medical’s SonoReview™ has rapidly made its mark in the Australian medical imaging market. As user adoption continues to grow in the southern hemisphere, the solution is starting to make its mark in North America and is now available to Intelerad customers.

Designed for use by sonographers, technologists and radiologists, SonoReview provides highly customizable reporting templates and electronic worksheets that save time while producing clear and concise reports. As opposed to other solutions on the market, SonoReview takes input from all stages of workflow and provides comprehensive support for ultrasound and other modalities, such as DEXA and nuclear medicine.

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Creating an Imaging Ecosystem that Incorporates a Network of Hospitals and Imaging Sites

Long-time users of Intelerad solutions, Radiology Imaging Associates P.C. (RIA) today use InteleOne to provide high-quality reads and rapid turnaround times to a network of hospitals and imaging sites.

Connecting to their customers’ existing medical imaging systems, InteleOne provides radiologists with access to their entire imaging ecosystem through a single worklist and viewer. In addition to a consistent, streamlined workflow, the solution provides RIA’s radiologists with the patient images and data they need, regardless of where they are located.

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Celebrating Women in Tech

With International Women’s Day upon us, it’s important to acknowledge the contributions that women make to our field. Statistically speaking, women make up about 30% of employees on the tech industry. At Intelerad, this is something that we’re working to change.

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Webinar – How to Execute a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Strategy

Cross-enterprise imaging is more complex than sharing images within a department or enterprise itself. In fact, one needs to deal with security, access authorization, patient identity reconciliation and have the right architecture to efficiently and safely access these images. It can be achieved in multiple ways, using different building blocks depending on the use case.

Herman Oosterwijk, President of Otech Inc., is hosted a webinar to discuss cross-enterprise imaging’s multiple use cases, show the various architectural solutions and the role of these building blocks, to allow users to understand and select the solution that fits their current and future needs.

Webinar:          How to Execute a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Strategy
Host:                 Herman Oosterwijk, President of Otech Inc.

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Considering the ever-growing need for interoperability, and the benefits it provides from both a clinical and enterprise standpoint, this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

About the speaker

Herman Oosterwijk is president of OTech Inc, a healthcare imaging IT and training company. He is a seasoned PACS professional, active in the DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards organizations and published several textbooks and study guides about these topics.