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CosmosOne Goes Beyond the Ordinary VNA

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Today marks the launch of CosmosOne™, a living medical archive that goes beyond the offerings of an ordinary VNA. In addition to centralizing all types of patient health information into a unified, actionable medical record so it can be accessed and shared in real-time, CosmosOne is highly scalable and flexible, always up to date and provides reliable business continuity and security.

In addition to enabling more timely, accurate, and coordinated care, CosmosOne allows healthcare organizations to reduce their capital and operational IT costs by consolidating imaging storage and infrastructure across departments and facilities.

CosmosOne adheres to industry standards and profiles, including HL7,, DICOM,, XDS, and XDS-I. This not only facilitates the integration of new systems, departments, and facilities, it also allows clients to reclaim ownership of their data and avoid painful data migrations.

Tailor Workflows
A cross-enterprise solution, CosmosOne’s sophisticated data normalization, routing, and storage rules allow users to tailor workflows based on each department and facility’s individual needs and preferences. The solution also ensures that patient data is protected through highly secure architecture, full adherence to regional patient privacy regulations, and sophisticated access controls.

Key Benefits

  • A single location for your all of your patients’ data, regardless of its source or format.
  • Simple, reliable, secure IT management.
  • Flexible platform, tailored to meet your business and clinical needs.

Key Features

  • Centralized, content agnostic archival (DICOM, non-DICOM and HL7).
  • Standards-based platform, including full XDS/XDS-I support.
  • Flexible data routing and normalization rules to support diverse workflows and systems.
  • Sophisticated, automated lifecycle management policies.
  • Highly-available and horizontally scalable.
  • Highly secure with full adherence to regional patient privacy regulations.

Learn more at SIIM and UKRC
If you want to learn more about CosmosOne, or see why it’s the perfect companion to InteleOne® XE, be sure to book a demo with us at SIIM or UKRC.

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May 24, 2017 at 10:00 am

Introducing Our Enhanced Clinical Portal, InteleConnect EV

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Today marks the launch of InteleConnect EV, the latest version of our clinical workflow solution for referring physicians, clinicians specialists. Available through any desktop or mobile web browser, InteleConnect EV enhances patient care by providing centralized, real-time access to patient orders, images and reports. This not only reduces turnaround times, but also makes it easier to locate patient information prior to follow-up appointments.

New to this latest version is a suite of enhanced image comparison and manipulation tools, access to full-fidelity (diagnostic-grade) images, and support for multi-specialty workflows. It also features an instant messaging (IM) tool to improve communication between radiologists and referrers. IM is a much-loved feature in InteleViewer, enabling clinicians to easily consult on studies in real-time. In fact, in a recent Intelerad case study, one radiologist from a large academic health center said that he uses it all day, every day. We anticipate that the feature will be well-received by InteleConnect users as well.

In addition to InteleConnect EV’s clinical benefits, a number of our customers see the solution as a competitive differentiation for growing their business.  According to Dr. David Miller of South Jersey Radiology Associates, since deploying InteleConnect, user adoption has continued to grow among his referrers.

“Every day, we have new physicians and practices signing up to use InteleConnect,” says Dr. Miller. “A few thousand have signed up to the system in the past year and are generally positive about the portal, happy to get the information they need quickly.”

Once customers are acquired, the solution helps maintain satisfaction. By providing a superior user experience, where patient images and reports are quickly available through a highly-intuitive interface, physicians tend to become loyal customers to the radiology group providing the service.

Progressive Radiology, who have been using InteleConnect since 2011, have received nothing but positive feedback from their referring physician community. According to Dominic Mezzanotte, Progressive’s Director of Information Systems, “The clinical liaisons come back and tell us the referrers love this.”

If you’re looking to expand your base of referring physicians while improving patient care, InteleConnect EV could be the answer. If you’d like to learn more and see the solution in action, be sure to visit our booths at SIIM (booth 416 & 418) and/or UKRC (booth 23).  

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May 10, 2017 at 11:43 am

Introducing Our Enterprise Imaging Productivity Calculator


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An interoperability solution for medical imaging, InteleOne® XE  links clinicians to patient images and reports stored across disparate HIS, EMR, PACS and VNA systems. By enabling radiologists to read from a across multiple PACS, with seamless access to patient priors, our clients are able to achieve massive productivity gains.

Quantify your potential gains today!

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March 27, 2017 at 2:26 pm

Leveraging Interoperability to Delay a PACS Replacement

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Leveraging Interoperability to Delay a PACS Replacement

Replacing a legacy hospital PACS system can be a challenging endeavour. In addition to the time required to research vendors’ offerings and selecting the right solution, resources must be allocated to deploy it across multiple sites and migrate terabytes of data to the new archive so physicians can access priors when the system goes live.

Given the amount of resources and investments that go into the process, a growing number of hospitals are using imaging interoperability solutions to enhance existing systems and delay PACS replacements.

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January 30, 2017 at 10:21 am

Imaging Interoperability: Perspectives from Health IT Analysts & Thought Leaders

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Over the past 18 months, we’ve been happy to share a number of success stories from clients using InteleOne® XE to implement cross-enterprise workflows. Leveraging the solution’s interoperability, these clients have been able to drastically reduce turnaround times, better utilize subspecialists, read greater volumes of studies in less time, and more.

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January 23, 2017 at 2:16 pm

The Clinical Advantage of a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Workflow


by Christopher M. Fleener, MD, Body/Abdominal Imaging Specialist & President, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants

In reading rooms across the country each and every day, radiologists are faced with the possibility of having to interact with multiple health systems, sites of service and PACS.  Even within a single health system, there may be multiple PACS due to recent consolidation or other specialty reasons for having varied platforms. Whatever the reason, multiple PACS makes radiology’s workflow inefficient, leaving a group unable to effectively have subspecialty exams read by a subspecialist or leaving an individual radiologist logging in and out of multiple PACS throughout their workday.

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