Analytics for Radiology: Drive Operational Efficiency and Better Understand Your Referrer Base

by Rick Rubin, Chief Engineering Officer, Intelerad

In the radiology industry, the ability to gather and analyze business-related data can be a distinct competitive advantage.  To help our customers outperform the competition, this month we released two analytics solutions: Intelerad Analytics™, which provides practices with actionable insight regarding their overall performance; and InteleConnect® Patterns, which provides a deeper understanding of their base of referring physicians.

Intelerad analytics radiology

Intelerad Analytics provides comprehensive, real-time data that is compiled into role-based dashboards and reports for business managers, chief radiologists and support staff. By presenting tailored information this way, we save customers time by eliminating the need to manually crunch volumes of data.

With the data in-hand, it can be analyzed and actions can be made to continually refine and improve, which can be tremendously beneficial to organizations. Not only does improved operational efficiency positively affect a practice’s bottom line, doing so while simultaneously increasing your quality of service will raise customer satisfaction, which leads to improved retention rates and attracts new business.  

The other analytics solution that we released this month is InteleConnect Patterns. Built directly into the InteleConnect Referring Physicians Portal, it provides key insight that allows practices to better understand their referrer base. Through this information, practices can develop strategies to promote further engagement and grow their business.      

InteleConnect Patterns analytics radiology

With real-time geographic, acquisition and behavioral data sourced directly from the Portal, InteleConnect Patterns allows users to better understand where referrers come from and how they access and leverage the portal. It also provides information about how the portal is accessed in terms of desktop vs. mobile platform. This data is laid out clearly in dashboards and reports, and can also be set-up to monitor changes in traffic patterns or other statistics.

We understand the importance of referring physicians’ engagement and believe that InteleConnect Patterns will play a key role in enhancing the way radiology practices engage with their referrers.

If you’d like to learn more about Intelerad Analytics and InteleConnect Patterns, or book a demo at RSNA 2013 to see first-hand how these solutions work, please visit our RSNA microsite.


Releasing InteleConnect 4.4.1 – Our Referring Physician Portal

By Rick Rubin, Chief Engineering Officer, Intelerad

At Intelerad, we are dedicated to developing industry-leading radiology solutions that facilitate the lives of radiologists and physicians. As such, it is always enjoyable to release a new version of our solution to market, as we did in mid-August with the release of InteleConnect 4.4.1.


The new version of InteleConnect is the culmination of many hours of work. The development cycle for the release began months ago, with a tremendous amount of research and in-depth conversations conducted with customers. This was followed by selecting the features that we felt would deliver the most value to the greatest amount of customers, while keeping in line with our product roadmap. Once the feature set was established, it was time to get our hands dirty and start developing the features we selected.

As mentioned in yesterday’s press release, the main goal with InteleConnect 4.4.1 is to enhance communication between radiologists and referring physicians, which I believe we’ve successfully accomplished through a feature set that enhances the way information is shared or accessed, which allows doctors to work more efficiently. These features include:

  • Instant messaging for consultations and real-time confirmations that physicians have viewed results.
  • On-refer functionality, so referring physicians can refer a patient to a specialist without burdening our client’s admin staff.
  • The ability to display multiple levels of critical results, pending critical results and results acknowledgements.
  • Break-glass functionality, which provides clinicians with self-service access to restricted patient results. This feature removes the administrative layer so physicians can grab information themselves without having to wait. Of course, this is audited to ensure patient confidentiality and clients can choose not to enable this functionality.
  • A free iOS app, available in Apple’s iTunes® App Store, which provides physicians with instant notifications regarding pending cases on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Intelerad InteleConnect referring physician portal

We’re quite proud of the amount of features that we were able to pack into this release, and are looking forward to building on this with future versions. From conversations with customers, we have a growing list of features that we are looking forward to adding. In order to get these features into customers’ hands as quickly as possible, we are aiming to shorten the time between releases, so the user experience is always optimal.

As I sign off, I’d like to extend thanks to everyone at Intelerad who was involved in this release. It took a lot of hard work, which is truly appreciated. Now on to building the next version!