Expanding Our Services and Support to Better Serve Customers

by Anibal Jodorcovsky, Chief Customer Officer, Intelerad

As a provider of ‘mission critical’ radiology systems to all types of healthcare organizations, we place a great deal of emphasis on providing customers with the highest possible levels of service and support. It’s for this reason that we developed our Intelerad Pulse solution (which monitors our customers’ systems 24/7), maintain strict hiring criteria and provide rigorous training to our staff.

Also, as an organization that continues to grow year after year, we employ steps to ensure our customers receive the same high quality service that they’re accustomed to. As such, I’m pleased to announce the expansion of our deployment and technical support teams in North America and Australia.iStock_000007230661Large

In North America, we have increased the number of on-call resources to ensure that calls escalated outside of regular operating hours are effectively managed. We have also adjusted the structure of our technical support team, adding two new supervisors who will oversee the work performed by our technicians.

In Australia, we have added team members who are locally-based and dedicated to the region, to better serve customer needs, both in resolving support queries and deploying new solutions. This additional personnel, who will be operational in early 2015, will complement the existing Oceania team, which is currently comprised of local Account Managers, Project Managers, Field Analysts, Application Specialists, RIS specialists and Executive Management.

With these changes, we are better equipped to ensure that deployments go smoothly, and that any technical issue that arises is resolved in the shortest possible timeframe. As always, we value your thoughts and look forward to providing you with leading-edge solutions, services and support in the years to come. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below.

– Anibal

New Series of Intelerad Webinars for Customers

by Anibal Jodorcovsky, Chief Customer Officer, Intelerad

At Intelerad, we strive to provide unparalleled products and services.  We’re also very much aware that our customers have a number of things to worry about, and remembering all of the technical support options that your vendors provide is not an easy task.


In order to help this situation, we are happy to introduce a series of webinars that will provide further training on how to work with our technical support team. By looking at different aspects of our products and services, we hope this initiative will help you get the most of your system.

Our first webinar, “Introduction to Technical Support and the Education and Service Center”, will take place later this month. If you are a seasoned Intelerad client, or you just installed your Intelerad solution, I invite you to participate in this webinar, which will cover:

  • Ticket management

  • Urgency of issues

  • Normal office hours vs. after hours

  • Introduction of new concept Change Control Record

We are offering two time slots for now, which were set at times to accommodate as much of our global customer base as possible.  If there is enough interest, we will add a third session at a different date and time.

  • Session 1 – August 27, 2013 11:00AM – 12:00PM EDT – Register

  • Session 2 – August 29, 2013 9:00PM – 10:00PM EDT – Register

Please note: Session 1 and Session 2 are the same webinar, presented at different times for your convenience.

A recording of the webinar, along with the presentation slides and  will be made available for for customers to download via Intelerad’s Education and Support Center.

Looking forward to seeing our customers online!

-Anibal Jodorcovsky

A Look at Our Customer Support Efforts

By Anibal Jodorcovsky

A few days ago at Intelerad, some employees began experiencing glitches with their emails due to a connectivity issue with our email servers. Before a workaround could be instituted, the connection was restored and we were back to business as usual. But during those 10 long minutes, there was some uneasiness felt internally.

When a radiologist is working with a software solution and a feature isn’t functioning the way it should, the level of stress and frustration can rise quickly. The reason is simple: it affects the way they function, which therefore affects patient care. Given the complexity of our systems and the environments they’re set in, issues do arise from time to time where our support team needs to step in to make sure everything runs optimally in the shortest possible timeframe.

It’s critical for radiology solution providers to provide technical support that customers can rely on.

At Intelerad, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support. Not only are we selective in who we hire as support agents and thoroughly train them, but we also design our solutions to provide proactive support through a component that continually monitors our solution, essentially reporting on itself so we know of an issue at the earliest possible interval.

To provide optimal support for existing issues, we also developed our own ticketing system internally. Not only did this allow us to include all the features that we felt were necessary, but it also provides us with a great deal of flexibility. It is always better to be able to come up with processes that we think provide exceptional services, rather than having to adapt our processes to a tool because that tool doesn’t provide the required flexibility.

In its current iteration, our ticketing system can be accessed through our Education and Support Center so you can easily review the progress on any open cases that you may have. Our ticketing system can also be integrated with a customer’s internal ticketing system so the information they need from us can be accessed quickly within their own ecosystem. We’ve done this with a number of customers, who are all quite satisfied with the integration.

In order to facilitate customer self-support, we have a knowledge base in place where customers can access what we call “TechNotes”.  Given that our solutions run in complex environments, TechNotes are mainly FAQs and workarounds which are designed to help customers to quickly remedy an issue without having to contact a support agent. Our workarounds are always tested rigorously to ensure quality, and if there any difficulties in applying the workaround, our support team is always available to assist.

At Intelerad, our founders, as well as many of our staff, have worked in hospitals in the past and understand the value of optimal support. It’s ingrained in us, and that’s why we work hard to ensure our customers have access to the industry’s best.

-Anibal Jodorcovsky

The Importance of Providing Industry-Leading Service and Support

by Anibal Jodorcovsky, Chief Customer Officer, Intelerad

Like most solution providers in our industry, we are always working hard to develop industry-leading technology products that drive business and promote better patient care. However, as a company that was born in a hospital, we have a deep understanding of how technical issues can impact radiologist’s work. That’s why we put so much emphasis on providing our customers with the best possible support.

Intelerad solutions are complex products that exist in ever-evolving and dynamic environments, which are subject to constant changes from different vendors. In order to deliver optimal support, our team undergoes a great deal of training to ensure their knowledge and skills are second to none. Also, as our team has grown, we’ve been very picky about who we hire. This doesn’t always make our lives easier, but it ensures that customers are receiving a consistent level of support.

In terms of our philosophy when it comes to providing service, our services and support department focuses on two main aspects. First and foremost, we need to be responsive – making sure that our clients can reach a support technician, have access to the information they need, and understand what we’re doing to address their problems. We have worked hard to excel in this area (only one call per thousand goes to voicemail), which has helped our support to be recognized as an industry leader.

The second is making sure we follow through on our commitments. Like all relationships, trust is important, which is why we communicate thoroughly with customers and use an online ticketing system that customers can access themselves to track pending issues. By providing this level visibility and transparency, customers better understand what’s causing the issue at hand and are clear on what we’re doing to resolve it.

To enhance communication with our customers, we also have a user forum and development wish lists so our clients can reach out to us directly about features they would like to see added to our solutions. From there, we can influence the product roadmap, knowing that it will be beneficial, as it comes directly from clients’ requests.

Providing this level of service is what keeps our customers happy. In terms of statistics, over five years, KLAS data shows Intelerad as being far above the industry average for service and support satisfaction levels, as you can see in the following analysis.

For all of our efforts, I’m proud to say that we’ve developed a reputation amongst our customers for going the extra mile. For example, if an issue is related to integration with a third-party system, we get on the phone ourselves with the appropriate provider to resolve a customer issue instead of having the customer go back and forth between different software providers. In other cases, we take the time to chat with customers to better explain how our products can be fully leveraged. After all, at the end of day, we want to get the technology out of the way so our end users can provide better healthcare for all patients.