Introducing Our Enhanced Clinical Portal, InteleConnect EV

Today marks the launch of InteleConnect EV, the latest version of our clinical workflow solution for referring physicians, clinicians specialists. Available through any desktop or mobile web browser, InteleConnect EV enhances patient care by providing centralized, real-time access to patient orders, images and reports. This not only reduces turnaround times, but also makes it easier to locate patient information prior to follow-up appointments.

New to this latest version is a suite of enhanced image comparison and manipulation tools, access to full-fidelity (diagnostic-grade) images, and support for multi-specialty workflows. It also features an instant messaging (IM) tool to improve communication between radiologists and referrers. IM is a much-loved feature in InteleViewer, enabling clinicians to easily consult on studies in real-time. In fact, in a recent Intelerad case study, one radiologist from a large academic health center said that he uses it all day, every day. We anticipate that the feature will be well-received by InteleConnect users as well.

In addition to InteleConnect EV’s clinical benefits, a number of our customers see the solution as a competitive differentiation for growing their business.  According to Dr. David Miller of South Jersey Radiology Associates, since deploying InteleConnect, user adoption has continued to grow among his referrers.

“Every day, we have new physicians and practices signing up to use InteleConnect,” says Dr. Miller. “A few thousand have signed up to the system in the past year and are generally positive about the portal, happy to get the information they need quickly.”

Once customers are acquired, the solution helps maintain satisfaction. By providing a superior user experience, where patient images and reports are quickly available through a highly-intuitive interface, physicians tend to become loyal customers to the radiology group providing the service.

Progressive Radiology, who have been using InteleConnect since 2011, have received nothing but positive feedback from their referring physician community. According to Dominic Mezzanotte, Progressive’s Director of Information Systems, “The clinical liaisons come back and tell us the referrers love this.”

If you’re looking to expand your base of referring physicians while improving patient care, InteleConnect EV could be the answer. If you’d like to learn more and see the solution in action, be sure to visit our booths at SIIM (booth 416 & 418) and/or UKRC (booth 23).  

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