Introducing Our Enterprise Imaging Productivity Calculator

An interoperability solution for medical imaging, InteleOne® XE  links clinicians to patient images and reports stored across disparate HIS, EMR, PACS and VNA systems. By enabling radiologists to read from a across multiple PACS, with seamless access to patient priors, our clients are able to achieve massive productivity gains.

Quantify your potential gains today!

Some of these gains have been highlighted in customer testimonials. According to Colorado’s Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, InteleOne XE saves radiologists one hour per day and eliminates the feeling that 20 percent of their day is spent bouncing between IT systems

In discussing InteleOne XE’s benefits from a business perspective, Chris McMillan, CEO of Diversified Radiology of Colorado, pointed out that InteleOne XE increased his group’s quality and productivity simultaneously. Today, their average turnaround time is less than 17 minutes, and each study is read by a subspecialist.

Calculating Your Own Potential

To demonstrate that value that InteleOne XE can provide in your own unique environment, we recently developed an Enterprise Imaging Productivity Calculator, which allows healthcare professionals to quantify the benefits of the solution.

To use the calculator, you simply answer six questions about your organization. Once the information is entered, you’ll receive a personalized report that projects your financial return using InteleOne XE. This report comes embedded in a complimentary white paper from Paragon Consulting entitled The Real Value of an Enterprise Imaging Platform.

We encourage you to give the calculator a try – you may be surprised with the impact that an interoperability solution can have on your bottom line.