HIMSS 2017: Interoperability Can Turn Medical Imaging Infrastructure Challenges into Advantages

In speaking with healthcare organizations of all sizes, we’re finding that there is a common set of challenges that is being felt across the industry – and they’re not just related to aging legacy systems.

These challenges include:

  • Managing growth – either organic, or through system consolidation in the form of  mergers and acquisitions.
  • A lack of functionality and/or interoperability.
  • Fully leveraging a VNA.
  • The need to undertake costly and time consuming data migrations.
  • Avoiding risk and simplifying change management.

Avoid Ripping and Replacing Systems
Thankfully, overcoming these challenges doesn’t require having to rip and replace existing systems. In fact, you can realize increased value from your existing infrastructure with a cross-enterprise imaging solution such as InteleOne® XE, which connects the disparate and diverse IT systems found across imaging ecosystems.

Leveraging interoperability, these solutions help support growth by enabling the onboarding of new facilities in days instead of months. This is achieved by allowing studies to be accessed from their native locations, thus eliminating the risk and disruption of migrations while reducing redundant capital IT expenditures.

Just as important is the efficiency and scalability of clinical workflow by these solutions. By providing radiologists with a state-of-the-art viewer and single-sign-on, web-enabled access to studies and reports across the enterprise, it allows them to perform higher quality diagnostic interpretations in less time and collaborate with referring physicians and specialists across their network.

Your VNA’s Best Friend
Cross-enterprise imaging solutions’ ability to connect to existing archives is also significant for organizations who have deployed a VNA – perhaps it meets your archiving needs, but you need an efficient workflow and user interface to drive end users’ performance. A cross-enterprise imaging solution allows organizations to take advantage of their VNA investment with modular solutions that image-enable your enterprise, improve productivity and quality, and facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration. Similarly, they can also be used to refresh legacy systems so you can replace the at your a pace that works with your business goals and timing.

As we’ve seen in numerous InteleOne XE case studies, cross-enterprise imaging solutions can take your organization’s performance to the next level. This is accomplished by allowing radiologists to read for multiple sites within an organization from a single, unified workflow, which drives radiologist productivity across the enterprise and allows for better subspecialist utilization, improving quality and value of patient care.

Want to learn more about cross-enterprise imaging, or would like to demo some of our other solutions, be sure to join us at HIMSS 2017, booth 523. Otherwise, you can learn more through the ebook Examining the Pillars of a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Solution

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