The Value and Benefits of an Integrated Tomosynthesis Module

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

In addition to its ease of use and feature set, an item that is frequently celebrated by IntelePACS® customers is the solution’s modular build, which allows enterprises to add key functionality to their radiologists’ primary viewers.  

For South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA), a 12-facility practice with nine dedicated women’s imaging centers, Intelerad’s Breast Imaging™ module, which allows radiologists to read 2D mammography and 3D tomosynthesis studies directly in InteleViewer.This has allowed SJRA to stop using dedicated breast imaging workstations, which has not only reduced overhead, but has helped improve productivity amongst breast imaging specialists.

According to Dr. Sherrill Little, the module saves her one hour per day by providing rapid access to patient data and not having to flip through printed reports to find relevant information. These points are echoed by her colleague, Dr. Renee Kendzierski.

“When we had a dedicated breast imaging workstation and a PACS, I used to spend a lot of my day going into the PACS to see what the ultrasound showed or what the report showed, because none of that is in the breast imaging workstation,” said Dr. Renee Kendzierski. “Having everything together is beautiful: I can look at the prior report immediately; I can look at the diagnostic to see what they evaluated previously: I can see biopsy images and pathology reports. That saves a lot of time.”

To learn more about SJRA’s use of IntelePACS and how it’s helped unify the enterprise and improve results distribution, click here

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