How to Eliminate Redundant Steps from the Technologist Workflow

Over the past five years, Kailo Medical’s SonoReview™ has rapidly made its mark in the Australian medical imaging market. As user adoption continues to grow in the southern hemisphere, the solution is starting to make its mark in North America and is now available to Intelerad customers.

Designed for use by sonographers, technologists and radiologists, SonoReview provides highly customizable reporting templates and electronic worksheets that save time while producing clear and concise reports. As opposed to other solutions on the market, SonoReview takes input from all stages of workflow and provides comprehensive support for ultrasound and other modalities, such as DEXA and nuclear medicine.

“SonoReview removes a lot of redundant steps from the technologist workflow, such as transcribing measurements from the modality to hard copy and then from hard copy to digital dictation,” said Durand Dunsmore, Intelerad product specialist and former X-Ray and CT technologist at Montreal General Hospital. “By eliminating these steps, sonographers and technologists can quickly fill out worksheets with accurate measurement data, which allows them to improve turnaround times and increase the number of patients they can see.”

For radiologists, the solution also helps increase the speed of reporting by eliminating the need to re-enter data that has been entered by the technologist. Instead, they simply have to verify that it’s correct and sign off on it. In addition, the solution uses natural speak technology, which generates the report as though it was spoken by the radiologist. So when the Ultrasound technologist marks information on the worksheet, customizable information is entered directly in the report as if reported by a radiologist.

“I had one radiologist tell me that on his first afternoon using the solution, he was able to read an additional six cases,” said Dunsmore. “And having worked in CT myself, I can tell you the solution’s ability to automate certain tasks, such as calculating radiation dose, means more time can be spent performing scans instead of paperwork is a huge benefit.”

So, is SonoReview the best kept secret in medical imaging?

“I would say that it is,” said Durand Dunsmore, noting the amount of buzz that is currently surrounding structured reporting. “Whenever I show the solutions, it wows radiologists and technologists. Basically, they see its capabilities, and they want it.”

More information on SonoReview can be obtained by writing us at

SonoReview™ – Key Features

  • Provides highly customizable reporting templates and electronic worksheets.
  • Comprehensive support for ultrasound including obstetrics, gynaecology, vascular, musculoskeletal, small parts, breast, abdominal and echocardiography.
  • Allows for historical study comparison, image review, interactive touch-based markup.
  • Enables users to start and stop examinations directly from their PACS workstation.
  • Enables referring physicians to review sonographer worksheets, drawings and graphs directly within a diagnostic or clinical viewer.

SonoReview™ – Key Benefits

  • Increases productivity
  • Produces clear and concise reports
  • Prevents transcription errors
  • Seamlessly integrates measurements from modalities and voice recognition packages
  • Resolves legibility issues associated with handwritten worksheets

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