Using InteleOne XE to Drive Radiologist Productivity

For medical imaging professionals, having to change systems (and/or reading rooms) in order to report on a scan or search for patient information can eat up a great deal of time during the day. This comes not only from having to log on to a different workstation, but having to remember all the subtle differences between user interfaces – things like keyboard shortcuts, hanging protocols, voice recognition settings and more.

Thankfully, for a growing number of radiologists, InteleOne XE is helping to resolve this issue. By leveraging interoperability, the solution seamlessly connects them to the data stored in their health enterprise’s RIS, HIS, EMR, PACS and VNA systems. In doing so, radiologists are provided a single workstation from which they can read all studies and access patient data stored across the imaging ecosystem.  

In terms of productivity gains, some radiologists have told me that the solution saves them more than an hour per day. This includes Dr. Andrew Mills, a musculoskeletal radiologist at Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants in Fort Collins, Colorado, who I sat down with recently to discuss the benefits he was provided through his use of InteleOne XE.

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