Montreal Children’s Hospital Completes Move to New Facility

Congratulations to our long-time customers at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, who successfully moved from their standalone, red-brick facility to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) super hospital last weekend.

While moving a hospital from one facility to another is no easy feat, the hospital managed to execute their well-orchestrated operation in just under four hours. Using a rigorous methodology where each of the 66 young patients moved had a nurse and physician by their side, the move was facilitated by the help of 675 people (both staff and volunteers), including 36 paramedics who used 18 ambulances to transport patients.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital’s new facility has been designed to create efficient spaces that support today’s best practices in pediatric medicine, making our ability to provide excellent care to patients and their families easier.

The new hospital will have 154 single patient rooms, each with large couches for parents to keep their children company both day and night. In addition, the hospital’s inter-disciplinary teams will be equipped to come together to share their knowledge, discoveries and resources, furthering their contribution to the advancement of medicine in Montreal and the world.

A case study detailing how Montreal Children’s Hospital uses IntelePACS to optimize workflow, raise quality and reduce turnaround time can be found here.

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