Upcoming webinar: How to Improve Patient Care with a Unified Diagnostic Platform

By Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

On March 24 at 12pm EDT, Intelerad is hosting a webinar entitled “How to Improve Patient Care with a Unified Diagnostic Platform”.  The hour-long presentation will start at noon (EDT), and will provide some key insights into the benefits of interoperable radiology solutions.

Moderated by Radiology Business Journal, the webinar will feature an introduction from Frost & Sullivan Research Director Daniel Ruppar, who will touch on future healthcare shifts and the changes we’re witnessing in regards to care delivery, amongst other things.

This will be followed by the main presentation from Dr. William S. Poole, a board-certified radiologist with Jefferson Radiology who works in pediatric imaging at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC).  In his presentation, Dr. Poole will discuss how leveraging a unified platform has helped Jefferson overcome some key challenges, while outlining the benefits that the technology provides to a hospital environment.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Poole last summer, who shared some of the benefits that CCMC’s radiology department had been able to realize from their InteleOne deployment. The short video below features highlights from our conversation, and includes some of the topics that will be discussed in the webinar.

On March 24, Dr. Poole will not only expand on the topics in the video, but will answer some of your questions as well.  For more information, and to register for this webinar, click here.

– Paul

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