The Benefits of Unifying Disparate PACS

By Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager

Over the past few months, I’ve had the benefit of sitting down with customers to learn more about how they’re leveraging Intelerad solutions. Each conversation is fascinating in its own way, as radiologists work in unique environments and use certain features and/or functionality in different ways to improve the way they operate.


One of the radiologists who I have been fortunate enough to meet recently was Dr. Stephen Poole, who works for Jefferson Radiology and is the head of pediatric imaging at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC). Serving patients across Connecticut and Massachussetts, CCMC use InteleOne® as a unified diagnostic platform that provides instant sub-specialty consultation, seamless access to priors and improves collaboration.

One of the reasons CCMC deployed InteleOne was similar to what other customers have told me in the past – they needed a solution that would bring all of the information stored in multiple PACS into a single interface. This avoids radiologists having to open and close the various PACS that a hospital or enterprise might have in play which provides a smoother workflow so an individual can accomplish more in a day.

Having this unified access also enables the radiologists at CCMC to provide better patient care. The hospital also has a number of patients that are transferred from outside hospitals and may have prior relevant studies that the referring clinician may not know about. In the past, the medical imaging department had a process in place where they’d have to conduct searches to gather relevant studies. Today, InteleOne provides them rapid access to relevant prior information so they can give a better interpretation.

On top of that, InteleOne allows the radiology team at CCMC enables them to read pediatric studies that are done at community hospitals and allows them easily transfer studies when further sub-specialty interpretation is required.

If you would like to learn more about how CCMC is using InteleOne, I encourage you to review this case study, which includes a video interview with Dr. Poole. If you have any questions about InteleOne, feel free to leave them below.


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