Webinar | Achieving Success using a Value-Based Radiology Model

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

This past month, we hosted a free webinar entitled How to Adapt to a Value-Based Radiology Model and Grow Your Business. The webinar was quite interesting, as Dr. Chad Calendine, Chief Medical Officer of Optimal Radiology Partners, and Dr. James C. King, President of Phydata, discussed how their successful sub-specialty reading business operates and how they’ve achieved the following:

  • 30% reduction in turnaround time
  • 18% increase in overall efficiency
  • High-quality service provided regardless of geography

Improving on these key performance indicators has helped Optimal grow their business, which today reads more than two million studies per year.

The webinar also featured an introduction from Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle, President and CEO of ImagingBiz, who provided an overview of the threats currently facing the radiology industry, as well as some insight regarding business strategies to ensure the success of radiology practices.

In case you missed the webinar, it is being hosted online here. Enjoy!


Optimal Radiology Partners      Intelerad - Distributed Radiology Solutions

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