RadVoice adds new content to drive radiologists’ personal performance

By Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

At Intelerad, we’re always working hard to improve our customers’ user experience. For the most part, this is accomplished by adding new features and functionality to our software. However, we also feel it’s important for the end user to understand exactly how to leverage them so they can benefit immediately.

RadVoice-Logo Intelerad radiology solution PACS

This is part of the reason we launched RadVoice last year – to help familiarize the radiologists who use our solutions with all of the capabilities that can make their lives easier and allow them to accomplish more in a work day. This is accomplished through video demonstrations provided by our product specialists, as well as short tips and tricks videos for radiologists with some longer demos to provide a more complete overview.

With RadVoice, we also wanted to develop a site where radiologists could access information that is valuable to them. As such, we are now providing daily news for each subspecialty, as well as one article and one column each month from the Journal of the American College of Radiology. This month’s entries are:

  • The New Residency Curriculum: Professionalism, Patient Safety, and More

  • What’s Brewing: How Interventional Radiologists Can Learn From the Reinvention of Starbucks

You can view these articles by visiting RadVoice at www.radvoice.intelerad.com.

I hope you enjoy these articles, as well as the rest of the content we have on RadVoice. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding even more content and opening the Forums to encourage conversation between radiologists. If you’d like to contribute content to the site, you can contact Paul Atkinson (paul.atkinson@intelerad.com) for more details on how to do this. If you’re an Intelerad customer, be sure to register for the site to access the Intelerad Users section so you can get the most out of the solutions you use!

-Helene Gey


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