A look back on the 2013 InteleOne Visionary Forum

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

Given the unique features and functionality of InteleOne®, we’ve always taken a keen interest in  the different ways the solution is being used by our customers. Recognizing that the information that customers have relayed to us could be beneficial to other customers, we introduced the InteleOne Visionary Forum, which brings users together to exchange knowledge and information about the solution, to help everyone get the most from their deployment.

Having held our first Forum last October, we decided to hold our second event last month, with customers from across the U.S. and Australia travelling to Montreal to take part in a range of meetings and discussions regarding InteleOne, features and solutions that we’re currently developing, and the radiology industry in general.

With participants’ job titles ranging from PACS administrator to COO to Diagnostic Radiologist, the Forum brought together a range of interesting perspectives on issues arising in the field. It also served as a platform to discuss common experiences in regards to InteleOne, including how the solution can be used to resolve some of the issues they were facing within their work environment.

Participants were also given the opportunity to provide input into the development of Intelerad solutions, as they took in presentations from key individuals. This included:

  • A presentation on InteleOne’s product roadmap delivered by our Chief Engineer Rick Rubin

  • An overview of some of the product features that our Clinical Decision Support group is currently working on, presented by Frederic Lachmann, who is the head of the team.

  • A detailed look at Nuage, our cloud-based solution suite that incl  udes a hosted version of our award-winning IntelePACS solution, presented by Joel Adams, Intelerad’s Hosted Solutions Manager.

Overall, the event was a great success, with interesting conversations taking place from start to finish each day. A lot of this is due to the participants themselves, who openly shared their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the InteleOne community. From the feedback we received, everyone seemed to greatly enjoy the event. We’re looking forward to holding our third Forum at some point in 2014 so we can continue the exchange of information within the InteleOne community.

-Paul Atkinson

InteleOne Intelerad Forum RadiologyInteleOne Intelerad Forum Radiology

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