A look back at SIIM 2013

by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

For three days last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Dallas, Texas. The event from start to finish was excellent, with radiologists and IT staff from around the world gathering to discuss issues within the industry and present new ideas to move it forward.

The opening session (also known as The Dwyer Lecture) featured Dr. Bradley J. Erickson from the Mayo Clinic, who presented on translating innovations to clinical practice. The lecture itself was remarkable, and truly set the tone for the conference, with people discussing and debating new ideas and the value of new solutions.siim 2

With sessions throughout the conference ranging in attendance from tens to hundreds, rarely did I leave a room without having learned something new or ideas to ponder. In some cases, this was due to physician’s insight and openness to speaking frankly, whereas other times it was due to the presentation of disruptive ideas. An example of this occurred in the closing session, where an audience member made the suggestion of adding fatigue tests into solutions so radiologists could ensure their alertness and therefore the quality of their reads. While this idea may not be new, and may not appeal to everyone, it definitely represents outside-the-box thinking, which will continue to drive our industry forward.

Outside of the sessions, I was happy to listen in on some great conversations that took place at our booth. From the minute the exhibitor halls opened in the morning, it seemed as though we had a steady stream of individuals stopping by our booth to ask questions, learn about our solutions and take in demos.

There were also a number of conversations that took place in regards to the two announcements we had at the show: the three new solutions added to our Nuage suite of cloud-based solutions, and the introduction of our Toronto-based Clinical Decision Support Group, who will be developing a number of tools for radiologists, such as intelligent worklists and  decision support tools that leverage report data mining to improve patient outcomes, compliance, and reimbursements while reducing litigation risk. For support staff, the Group will work on the development of real-time dashboards, data visualization and analytics to support continuous improvement initiatives.

Both the cloud and clinical decision support were hot topics at SIIM and we’re looking forward to deploying these new solutions to see how our customers benefit from them.

Before I sign off, I just want to thank all of the customers who stopped by our booth and engaged us in great conversations. Also, thanks to those who organized the SIIM conference in Dallas. We’re already looking forward to SIIM 2014 in Long Beach California next year!

-Paul Atkinson

siim Intelerad
Our booth at SIIM 2013
Intelerad SIIM
The Intelerad team at SIIM 2013: (l-r) John Streips, Robert Hoffman, Michel Gloutnay
siim Intelerad
Looking forward to next year’s event in Long Beach!

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