Staying ahead of the curve

by Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

As a solution provider, it’s rewarding when tech-savvy individuals and organizations recognize the value of your offerings and select them to help boost their performance. Being in regular contact with these customers, it’s always interesting to hear why they selected our solutions and how they’ve affected performance across the enterprise.

Intelerad facilitates growth and expansion

Over the past month or so, I’ve been in contact with a particular customer who has been a using our solutions for the past eight years (there will be a case study shortly with more details, but I was inspired by the conversation and wanted to share some of what we discussed). The radiology group itself had actually started in Western Australia about 15 years ago, which was followed by the opening of locations in the UK and Ireland. Their growth has been remarkable, having grown to over 100 radiologists on contract.

Having deployed our IntelePACS across their international network, the organization has benefitted a great deal from our solutions’ ease of use, as well as their performance over geographically-distributed locations. In fact, by combining these two things, they’ve been able to open up new offices in little time, helping them to grow faster and respond better to the needs of their customers.


With a number of teleradiologists on board, our customer has also expressed satisfaction from our solution’s ability to quickly transfer images across locations. This helps get images into radiologists hands quickly and also facilitates remote collaboration and peer review when a second opinion is requested.

Rapid image transfer also plays an important role when patients are transferred from local clinics to hospitals. As the patient is physically transferred, the images and reports are made available to the hospital prior to the patient’s arrival. This eliminates the need to conduct a repeat exam, which is considered a clinical incident in the UK.

The conversations have served as a reminder that keen adopters of technology within radiology will always remain ahead of the curve; providing superior service for their healthcare partners in hospitals, private and community medical centers, which ultimately leads to better patient care. It’s a thought that inspires to continue developing innovative solutions.

– Helene Gey


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