A Look at Our Customer Support Efforts

By Anibal Jodorcovsky

A few days ago at Intelerad, some employees began experiencing glitches with their emails due to a connectivity issue with our email servers. Before a workaround could be instituted, the connection was restored and we were back to business as usual. But during those 10 long minutes, there was some uneasiness felt internally.

When a radiologist is working with a software solution and a feature isn’t functioning the way it should, the level of stress and frustration can rise quickly. The reason is simple: it affects the way they function, which therefore affects patient care. Given the complexity of our systems and the environments they’re set in, issues do arise from time to time where our support team needs to step in to make sure everything runs optimally in the shortest possible timeframe.

It’s critical for radiology solution providers to provide technical support that customers can rely on.

At Intelerad, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support. Not only are we selective in who we hire as support agents and thoroughly train them, but we also design our solutions to provide proactive support through a component that continually monitors our solution, essentially reporting on itself so we know of an issue at the earliest possible interval.

To provide optimal support for existing issues, we also developed our own ticketing system internally. Not only did this allow us to include all the features that we felt were necessary, but it also provides us with a great deal of flexibility. It is always better to be able to come up with processes that we think provide exceptional services, rather than having to adapt our processes to a tool because that tool doesn’t provide the required flexibility.

In its current iteration, our ticketing system can be accessed through our Education and Support Center so you can easily review the progress on any open cases that you may have. Our ticketing system can also be integrated with a customer’s internal ticketing system so the information they need from us can be accessed quickly within their own ecosystem. We’ve done this with a number of customers, who are all quite satisfied with the integration.

In order to facilitate customer self-support, we have a knowledge base in place where customers can access what we call “TechNotes”.  Given that our solutions run in complex environments, TechNotes are mainly FAQs and workarounds which are designed to help customers to quickly remedy an issue without having to contact a support agent. Our workarounds are always tested rigorously to ensure quality, and if there any difficulties in applying the workaround, our support team is always available to assist.

At Intelerad, our founders, as well as many of our staff, have worked in hospitals in the past and understand the value of optimal support. It’s ingrained in us, and that’s why we work hard to ensure our customers have access to the industry’s best.

-Anibal Jodorcovsky

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