Helping a new radiology center start on the right foot

By Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

Late last year, we were presented with a unique challenge: a brand-new, state-of-the-art radiology facility was opening fifteen minutes away from our head office, for which a host of radiology solutions would be needed. We met with the group, Radiologie DIX30, several times to discuss their needs and provide in-depth information on the solutions we could provide them.

In the end, they chose to deploy IntelePACS. This was great news, however the selection came with a caveat – IntelePACS would have to be live in time for the center’s January opening. This left us with just a condensed timeframe to deploy and integrate the solution so the center’s radiologists could start reading. Thankfully, some key factors played into our favor, including:

  • The technical knowledge and abilities of our services team.
  • Close proximity to the imaging center, which allowed our team to work directly on-site and meet face-to-face with the hardware integrators and other solution providers.
  • No data migration would need to take place as the center was brand new.Radiologie DIX30 Intelerad radiology solutions

Taking advantage of these circumstances, we were able deploy IntelePACS successfully, and Radiologie DIX30 opened as planned, in January of this year.

Last week, some of our staff attended Radiologie DIX30’s grand opening, where they received a tour of the facility and met with their staff to get an update on the center’s progress.  So far, everything is moving along in smooth order, as they continue to establish themselves and work towards becoming the region’s leading imaging center.

In speaking with Dr. Pierre Bergeron, Radiologist and Medical Director at the center, and Sylvie Cholette, Radiologie DIX30’s Administrative Director, I’m happy to report that their staff is quite satisfied with their Intelerad solutions.

In conversation, Dr. Bergeron noted that the solution is user-friendly and performs strongly both on-site and remotely, which is ideal for their radiologists who work at various centers throughout the course of a week. For Ms. Cholette, having IntelePACS in place provides peace of mind as the solution is known for its reliability, and is backed up by strong support team.

Deploying IntelePACS was a good test of our services team’s capabilities, and everyone is proud with what they were able to achieve. In regards to Radiologie DIX30, their modern facility is remarkable and we looking forward to working with them in the years to come.

There is a video interview with Dr. Bergeron (available in French only) here.

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