Innovation Week at Intelerad

By Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

As a leading provider of radiology solutions, a great deal of our success relies on the ability to foster innovation. To help drive this at Intelerad, we recently held our first-ever Innovation Week – an event designed to reinforce the emphasis on innovation within our company, and challenge our employees to come up with ideas that will continue to push our company and solutions forward.

From a company perspective, there are a lot of benefits to Innovation Week. Most importantly, the event allows employees to personally influence our continued success through the ideas they contribute. It also provides them an opportunity to introduce and experiment with different technologies, something that would be difficult to balance while working on current projects. This allows us to evaluate a fairly large number of technologies which can then be considered for future projects.

With over 60 project plans submitted for the event, there were a tremendous amount of ideas floating around internally, which have now been harnessed and assessed for inclusion into our products. According to Rick Rubin, our Chief Engineering Officer, we’ll be able to benefit from some of the projects quite soon, if not immediately; some of the projects look like solid candidates for inclusion in upcoming releases; while others need a little more time in the Innovation oven.

In speaking with Kent Tse, Intelerad’s Director of Software Development, I realized that Innovation Week also has a positive impact on employee satisfaction. This is because the participants are given the opportunity to work on projects related to our business that they have a personal interest in, and that they can enjoy the process without the expectation of success or meeting a deadline.

For our customers, our decision to hold Innovation Week means they’re aligned with a company that is invested in the future – delivering leading edge solutions that will continually improve their work environment, instead of maintaining the status quo. Holding Innovation Week once or twice a year shows our dedication to staying one step ahead of the competition and finding new ways to contribute to the delivery of better patient care in years to come.

As I sign off, I would like to say thanks to everyone who took part in Innovation Week. The event was a tremendous success, and we look forward to seeing how these projects develop in years to come.

– Helene Gey

Intelerad Innovation Week
Intelerad’s Innovation Week participants

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