How mobile are your radiologists?

For radiologists, obligations outside the reading room are a part of life. However, as the number of scans performed continues to rise at an exponential rate, time constraints become a reality and maintaining a balanced workload becomes a challenge. With this in mind, solutions are being developed to enhance a radiologist’s mobility so they can better manage everything their profession requires of them.

The topic of mobility came up again last week while speaking with a client last week about their recent Intelerad deployment. The customer, NationalRad, is a unique radiology group due to its nationwide distribution – 24 sub-specialty radiologists spanning across the U.S., working primarily from home offices. Originally, the group was interested in a solution that would provide a consistent user experience across all of their sites. By deploying our solutions, they got this and more: a consistent reading and reporting experience from any location, not just in their office.

This distinction brought a great deal of satisfaction to NationalRad’s radiologists, as their high levels of specialization means they frequently travel to present at conferences. In the past, when they were on the road, their work would pile up. Today, with a solution in place that uses secure communications and compression technology, they can leverage the same personalized environment to read and report from, regardless of whether they are in their home office, a conference center, or an airport lounge between locations.

Intelerad mobile radiology solutions
Intelerad solutions facilitate radiologists’ mobility

A mobile solution that provides a consistent user experience for each radiologist is important, as they tend to work hard at optimizing their reading and reporting environments so they can read efficiently and effectively. By enabling a consistent user experience across locations, their lives are truly made easier.

Take, for example, radiologists who work at different facilities throughout a work week, perhaps working at a hospital one day, an imaging center the next morning and a women’s health clinic in the afternoon. Even for radiologists who don’t travel or work at multiple facilities, deploying this type of solution gives radiologists the option to read from home in the evening or on the weekend, instead of returning to a reading room.

If you’re unsure how important mobility is when deploying a new radiology solution, I recommend taking the time to discuss with your team on whether or not it would be beneficial to have access to studies at any time from any location. You may be surprised how valuable this benefit is to them. From there, speak with vendors about their solutions’ mobile capabilities to determine if they measure up to the challenges of providing the same user experience in any remote environment. Knowing these answers could be of tremendous benefit during the decision making process.

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