RadVoice – A Knowledge Sharing Community

By Helene Gey, Vice-President of Marketing, Intelerad

If you’ve passed by our booth at this year’s RSNA, you may have noticed the RadVoice sign in our marketing area. Some people have been asking questions about RadVoice, so I wanted to provide some information about this new initiative.

RadVoice (http://radvoice.intelerad.com) is an online space built exclusively for radiologists to congregate, learn and share knowledge. Powered by Intelerad, our goal with this community site is to provide content that is created by radiologists that will help foster conversations about issues in the industry and help drive the performance of individuals – increasing your competitive edge on the business end and sharpening your technical skills to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

In terms of content, RadVoice will provide contain webinars from thought-leading radiologists, a community blog to share insight and opinions, industry news that keeps you informed, and forums that promote knowledge-sharing with peers. Current content includes:

  • How to Drive 25 Percent Growth During National Decline, a webinar by Dr. Sheryl Jordan, a breast imaging and intervention specialist at Carolina Regional Radiology.
  • The Labors of Lesser Gods, a blog entry from Dr. Bruce J. Hillman, Theodore E. Keats professor of radiology and professor of health policy at the University of Virginia.

Sponsored by Intelerad, the site also has a private section for Intelerad users, featuring tips and tricks videos and longer demos from our software specialists (we hope that users will be submitting contributions to this in the near future), as well as private forums to discuss matters related to Intelerad solutions.

If you’re a radiologist and would like to preview the site and become part of the online community, I encourage you to come visit us at booth 4814. If you are also an Intelerad customer, you will be granted immediate access to the private section and its exclusive content. If you would like to present a webinar or contribute a blog entry, reach out to our community manager at paul.atkinson@intelerad.com.

– Helene


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