InteleOne Visionaries Gather in Montreal

By Helene Gey, Vice-President, Marketing

Last week marked our first-ever InteleOne Visionary Forum, and I’d like to thank everyone who took time out of their schedules to attend. The event itself was our first-ever user group, and I’m happy to say it was a tremendous success.

For everyone involved, the event seemed to provide a great deal of benefit. For customers, it provided the opportunity to take in presentations from leading industry analysts, exchange knowledge and experiences with fellow users and discuss their vision of the future for radiology practices.

In terms of presenters from outside the InteleOne community, the Forum had KLAS analyst Ben Brown unveil the key findings of his research report InteleOne: A KLAS Innovation Review. We also had Nadim Daher from Frost and Sullivan provide an overview of trends in enterprise imaging, as well as InteleOne’s positioning as a core enabler in their Medical Imaging IT Middleware matrix, which is featured in their recently-released report U.S. Enterprise Medical Image Archiving Market Evaluating Trends in Image Data Volumes, Enterprise PACS Archives, and Vendor-neutral Archives.

Forum attendees shared valuable insights on how they were able to leverage InteleOne to achieve efficiency gains, acquire new business, reach out to specialists and remain in closer contact with rural customers. They also discussed strategies to facilitate adoption of the solution across care organizations.

For the Intelerad executives and staff, the event provided the opportunity to better understand interoperability challenges. It also provided them with the opportunity to present InteleOne’s product roadmap, sharing and discussing the direction we envision for the solution.

From the feedback we’ve received about the event, participants valued the cross-learning opportunities and connections were made between practices on both strategic and IT fronts. All attendees expressed interest in holding user groups on a regular basis, which is something we are keen to do as well. But before we start planning for the next Forum, all hands are on deck to prepare for RSNA!



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