RIC Expands Reach of Around-the-Clock Services

Dr. Abraham Bronner, RIC
Dr. Abraham Jay Bronner, RIC

For Radiology Imaging Consultants (RIC), a large radiology practice in the Chicago area, providing around-the-clock final interpretations by on-site board-certified radiologists had vaulted it to a leadership position. Then growth became more difficult – with staff at maximum capacity and too many systems to manage – it was no longer feasible to provide 24/7 on-site staffing for all its customer hospitals.

Enter Intelerad’s Inteleone, a solution which enables radiology groups and hospitals to streamline their medical imaging workflows when reading for multiple facilities with different HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR. It provides a personalized, universal worklist and easy access to all studies, priors and reports from a single integrated viewer that can be accessed from any computer. In short, with InteleOne, location is irrelevant – exactly what Radiology Imaging Consultants needed.

“Until InteleOne, there was nothing that convincingly integrated multiple facilities seamlessly,” said Dr. Abraham Jay Bronner, RIC’s CEO and practicing radiologist. “No one else was able to do it.”

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