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The Value and Benefits of an Integrated Tomosynthesis Module

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by Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

InteleViewer.jpgIn addition to its ease of use and feature set, an item that is frequently celebrated by IntelePACS® customers is the solution’s modular build, which allows enterprises to add key functionality to their radiologists’ primary viewers.  

For South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA), a 12-facility practice with nine dedicated women’s imaging centers, Intelerad’s Breast Imaging™ module, which allows radiologists to read 2D mammography and 3D tomosynthesis studies directly in InteleViewer.This has allowed SJRA to stop using dedicated breast imaging workstations, which has not only reduced overhead, but has helped improve productivity amongst breast imaging specialists.

According to Dr. Sherrill Little, the module saves her one hour per day by providing rapid access to patient data and not having to flip through printed reports to find relevant information. These points are echoed by her colleague, Dr. Renee Kendzierski.

“When we had a dedicated breast imaging workstation and a PACS, I used to spend a lot of my day going into the PACS to see what the ultrasound showed or what the report showed, because none of that is in the breast imaging workstation,” said Dr. Renee Kendzierski. “Having everything together is beautiful: I can look at the prior report immediately; I can look at the diagnostic to see what they evaluated previously: I can see biopsy images and pathology reports. That saves a lot of time.”

To learn more about SJRA’s use of IntelePACS and how it’s helped unify the enterprise and improve results distribution, click here

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June 20, 2016 at 1:19 pm

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How to Eliminate Redundant Steps from the Technologist Workflow

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Over the past five years, Kailo Medical’s SonoReview™ has rapidly made its mark in the Australian medical imaging market. As user adoption continues to grow in the southern hemisphere, the solution is starting to make its mark in North America and is now available to Intelerad customers.

Designed for use by sonographers, technologists and radiologists, SonoReview provides highly customizable reporting templates and electronic worksheets that save time while producing clear and concise reports. As opposed to other solutions on the market, SonoReview takes input from all stages of workflow and provides comprehensive support for ultrasound and other modalities, such as DEXA and nuclear medicine.

“SonoReview removes a lot of redundant steps from the technologist workflow, such as transcribing measurements from the modality to hard copy and then from hard copy to digital dictation,” said Durand Dunsmore, Intelerad product specialist and former X-Ray and CT technologist at Montreal General Hospital. “By eliminating these steps, sonographers and technologists can quickly fill out worksheets with accurate measurement data, which allows them to improve turnaround times and increase the number of patients they can see.”

For radiologists, the solution also helps increase the speed of reporting by eliminating the need to re-enter data that has been entered by the technologist. Instead, they simply have to verify that it’s correct and sign off on it. In addition, the solution uses natural speak technology, which generates the report as though it was spoken by the radiologist. So when the Ultrasound technologist marks information on the worksheet, customizable information is entered directly in the report as if reported by a radiologist.

“I had one radiologist tell me that on his first afternoon using the solution, he was able to read an additional six cases,” said Dunsmore. “And having worked in CT myself, I can tell you the solution’s ability to automate certain tasks, such as calculating radiation dose, means more time can be spent performing scans instead of paperwork is a huge benefit.”

So, is SonoReview the best kept secret in medical imaging?

“I would say that it is,” said Durand Dunsmore, noting the amount of buzz that is currently surrounding structured reporting. “Whenever I show the solutions, it wows radiologists and technologists. Basically, they see its capabilities, and they want it.”

More information on SonoReview can be obtained by writing us at


SonoReview™ – Key Features

  • Provides highly customizable reporting templates and electronic worksheets.
  • Comprehensive support for ultrasound including obstetrics, gynaecology, vascular, musculoskeletal, small parts, breast, abdominal and echocardiography.
  • Allows for historical study comparison, image review, interactive touch-based markup.
  • Enables users to start and stop examinations directly from their PACS workstation.
  • Enables referring physicians to review sonographer worksheets, drawings and graphs directly within a diagnostic or clinical viewer.

SonoReview™ – Key Benefits

  • Increases productivity
  • Produces clear and concise reports
  • Prevents transcription errors
  • Seamlessly integrates measurements from modalities and voice recognition packages
  • Resolves legibility issues associated with handwritten worksheets

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Ensuring Performance in a Complex, Ever-Changing Environment

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Alliance Medical is one of Europe’s leading independent providers of imaging services, with operations located across the UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. In the UK alone, the organization provides services to 400,000 patients each year.

Through technical excellence and exceptional service, Alliance Medical has grown consistently over the past 25 years. In January 2015, the organization started a ten-year contract as leaders of a collaborative network delivering PET/CT scanning services to NHS patients at 30 locations across the country. Six months later, they were named ‘Diagnostics Provider of the Year’ at London’s HealthInvestor Awards.

With their UK operations comprising 50 imaging centres and 40 mobile scanners spread across the country, Alliance Medical relies on IntelePACS® to ensure high performance across the enterprise. In a case study published earlier this month, Dr. Johan Alberts, Alliance Medical’s Director of PET-CT Operations and Project and Project Director for the National PET-CT Contract, discusses why they selected IntelePACS, the impact that the solution has had on their business growth and more.

To read the entire case study, click here.

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Creating an Imaging Ecosystem that Incorporates a Network of Hospitals and Imaging Sites

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Long-time users of Intelerad solutions, Radiology Imaging Associates P.C. (RIA) today use InteleOne to provide high-quality reads and rapid turnaround times to a network of hospitals and imaging sites.

Connecting to their customers’ existing medical imaging systems, InteleOne provides radiologists with access to their entire imaging ecosystem through a single worklist and viewer. In addition to a consistent, streamlined workflow, the solution provides RIA’s radiologists with the patient images and data they need, regardless of where they are located.

In fact, as Dr. Matt Fleishman states in the case study: “InteleOne is great for reading or following up on critical results from home. You get the same robust, easy-to-use viewer, and performance is as good as being in the hospital.”

The case study covers a number of topics, including the transition from a legacy PACS to a cross-enterprise workflow solution; how unified access to multiple systems drives collaboration and productivity; the staffing options it provides; and how it helps radiologists enjoy their work.

The entire case study can be read here.

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Celebrating Women in Tech

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With International Women’s Day upon us, it’s important to acknowledge the contributions that women make to our field. Statistically speaking, women make up about 30% of employees on the tech industry. At Intelerad, this is something that we’re working to change.shutterstock_310884845.jpg

In addition to actively recruiting women for open positions within our company, Intelerad is also sponsoring Montreal’s Women Techmakers event, which takes place Saturday, March 12 at École de Technologie Supérieure.

Created by Google, the event is designed to highlight the talent of women in technology. Saturday will mark the first edition of the event in Montreal and will coincide with The Women Techmakers Global Event Series Celebrating International Women’s Day (WTM IWD), which is made up of more than 200 global events across 52 countries. This community building initiative promotes talented and passionate women and increases the visibility of the Montreal tech community while honoring women in technology.

If you’re interested in attending the Montreal Women Techmakers event, more information can be found on their homepage. If you’re interested in joining Intelerad, there are a number of open position on our careers page.

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Webinar – How to Execute a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Strategy

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Cross-enterprise imaging is more complex than sharing images within a department or enterprise itself. In fact, one needs to deal with security, access authorization, patient identity reconciliation and have the right architecture to efficiently and safely access these images. It can be achieved in multiple ways, using different building blocks depending on the use case.

On February 17th, Herman Oosterwijk, President of Otech Inc., will host a webinar to discuss cross-enterprise imaging’s multiple use cases, show the various architectural solutions and the role of these building blocks, to allow users to understand and select the solution that fits their current and future needs.

Webinar:          How to Execute a Cross-Enterprise Imaging Strategy

Host:                  Herman Oosterwijk, President of Otech Inc.

Date:                  Wednesday, February 17th

Time:                 1 p.m. EST

Register:           Click here

Considering the ever-growing need for interoperability, and the benefits it provides from both a clinical and enterprise standpoint, this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

About the speaker

Herman Oosterwijk is president of OTech Inc, a healthcare imaging IT and training company. He is a seasoned PACS professional, active in the DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards organizations and published several textbooks and study guides about these topics.

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Road to HIMSS 16: Interoperability, Automation & Data Access

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By Paul Atkinson, Marketing Community Manager, Intelerad

Perhaps unsurprisingly, as we lead up to HIMSS 2016, we’re continuing to hear about the need for greater systems interoperability in healthcare. As such, we’re looking forward to attending the conference and demonstrating how InteleOne® XE can help overcome interoperability challenges by connecting to disparate repositories across the imaging ecosystem to create a cross-enterprise workflow for radiologists.                 

Released this past autumn, InteleOne® XE is the latest version of our cross-enterprise imaging solution, which equips radiologists with a single, unified worklist and diagnostic viewer that provides access to patient images and reports that are stored across the enterprise’s disparate RIS, HIS, EMR, PACS and VNA systems. This allows clinicians to provide higher quality care in less time while improving collaboration amongst colleagues.


Using automation to enhance case distribution

By connecting each radiologist within the organization to the entire imaging ecosystem, InteleOne XE opens up new possibilities regarding how clinical data moves across the enterprise. For example, when coupled with Intelerad’s Assignment Engine, the solution enables automated case distribution based on pre-set criteria such as subspecialty, location or workload.

Bringing the health enterprise closer together

The solution also transforms how enterprises manage aspects of radiology, such as peer review. Whereas in the past or in other solutions, these were managed by each individual site, they can now be managed across a network of sites. This is highly beneficial in a number of ways, for example when a subspecialty case needs to be reviewed but the most qualified radiologist for the case is based at a different site.

By allowing clinical information to be shared across multiple sites, InteleOne XE allows imaging organizations to engage subspecialists regardless of where they are based – this could be a different city, or even on the other side of the country. It also means that radiologists can read for multiple sites across the enterprise, provide subspecialty coverage to multiple facilities, accommodate after-hours shifts, and read from home.

Better access to data leads to better results

With greater access to clinical data, radiologists are provided a greater view of prior results, providing a richer patient context from previous episodes of care. For example, InteleOne XE’s master patient index helps end users to locate patient images and reports that are stored in different repositories across the enterprise. Providing this comprehensive view of the patient’s records not only saves time, but eliminates the need for and the cost of repeat imaging exams, and ultimately leads to better clinical outcomes.

Over the past seven years, we’ve deployed InteleOne to a number of customers, and have seen some amazing results. In addition to facilitating enterprise growth, the ability to access information across the enterprise has seen substantial increases in individual and enterprise performance, as well as improving the quality of healthcare that’s delivered to patients. All this, while helping customers derive more value from their existing imaging infrastructure.

If you’re interested to learn more about the offerings that we’ll be showcasing at HIMSS, visit

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